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New Signi a Intuis 3SP Severe 2 Profound Loss 12 Channel BTE Digital Hearing Aid

New Signi a Intuis 3SP Severe 2 Profound Loss 12 Channel BTE Digital Hearing Aid

New Signi a Intuis 3SP Severe 2 Profound Loss 12 Channel BTE Digital Hearing Aid
A Brand New Siemen s Signi a Intuis 3 SP Hearing aid for Severe to Profound Loss 12 Channels BTE Digital Hearing Aid 80/140DB. Mini Powerful 12 Channels High-Performance Digital Hearing Aid. Mobile Application Compatible with volume control. For severe to Profound Hearing Loss. (Automatic Microphone Noise Reduction) Max Power Output? Signi a Intuis 3 (675) hearing aids equipped with 12 Channel Resolution. Suitable for Mild to Moderate hearing loss.

Signi a hearing aid offers more frequency shaping than any other comparable hearing aid in this class. It is equipped with a noise reduction function and feedback cancellation system, both of which further add to a convenient listening experience. Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt. Note: Programming is optional for this hearing aid model.

You can Insert the battery and start using it for Severe to Profound Hearing Loss. If not satisfied, we recommend getting it programmed by us or your audiologist. If you want us to program your device, please share your audiogram after placing the order for FREE programming. As a hearing aid is an electronic equipment, sometimes you may face manufacturing issues, please let us know in case your face any problems with your hearing aid.

Note: This device uses Bluetooth for volume control, Battery Status only. 100% Digital Signal Processing BTE Hearing Aid.

·100% All Digital Signal Processing. ·Nano scale Coating (Moisture proof, Dust proof).

Volume Control with Smartphone using Bluetooth. This Deal is for 1 hearing aid. 1 x Intuis 3 SP BTE 675 Hearing Aid.

1 x Power Receivers along with multiple Ear tips to fit your ear. 1 x English User Manual. 1 x Battery Size : 675. 1 x Set of 6 Batteries.

Completing the proven Signi a Intuis 3 range, the remotely controllable Intuis 3 RIC312 is an attractive and convenient solution for mild to Profound hearing loss. Thanks to its automatic directionality and a variety of noise reduction features, it offers a reliable hearing experience and improved.

Speech intelligibility even in noisy environments. TeleCare lets your customers enjoy live remote support and fast, smooth trials. If you make an order please confirm if you have an audiogram to avail of free programming of your hearing aid within 72 hours. If we do not receive any such report from your end then we dispatch ordered item(s) after 72 hours.

And you have to program and fit the item(s) from your nearest audiologist or hearing care professional. N:B: For any custom-made item(s) we need ear canal volumetric measurement details in cm/mm which includes ear canal length, and width(radius) of the inner ear. The color and size of hearing aids may vary in actuality. For orders outside the USA/UK If custom Duty Charged, that will be paid by consignee only. Please make your address information correct as below. We have a strict QC before sending out the items. If your item has any problem with.

Your satisfied is our goal. All items are guaranteed for 60 days from the days of received the items. If you are not satisfied with the item.

Simply return it to us but before returning, confirm return address from us. As a professional team who are specialized in hearing instruments. We can offer you, Splendid Customer. Service, high-quality product with a more economical price.

Thank you very much for visiting our store! You must provide me with either a signed statement from a physician or a signed waiver before I will deliver this item to you.

New Signi a Intuis 3SP Severe 2 Profound Loss 12 Channel BTE Digital Hearing Aid