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Pair of 2 Phona k Naida Paradise P30 UP Severe to Profound Loss BTE Hearing Aids

Pair of 2 Phona k Naida Paradise P30 UP Severe to Profound Loss BTE Hearing Aids

Pair of 2 Phona k Naida Paradise P30 UP Severe to Profound Loss BTE Hearing Aids

Pair of 2 x Phona k Naida Paradise P30 UP Severe to Profound Hearing loss BTE Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aids. Note: Programming is not 100% correct sometimes. In some cases, you may need to visit your audiologist for reprogramming, if required. Phona k are one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

They are based in Switzerland and are part of the Sonova Group, which includes Unitro n. The Phona k Naida Paradise range of hearing aids has superseded the Phona k Naida Marvel. The Naida Paradise is available in 4 technology levels: P30, P50, P70, and P90 being the top of the range model. The Phona k Naida Paradise can be fitted with slim tube and a dome or a standard tube and an ear mould.

Phona k have improved the Bluetooth protocol for Naida Paradise which enables Paradise devices to be paired to up to eight Bluetooth devices and be connected to two simultaneously. Phona k Paradise runs on the new PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) and includes new motion sensors in the rechargeable version.

The chip runs the new AutoSense 4.0 software. AutoSense constantly scans the listening environment and fine-tunes the audio with up to 200 adjustments for an optimized listening experience. The new motion sensors will detect when the user is stationary or in motion and then automatically adjusts the microphones and the dynamic noise reduction system to maximize speech intelligibility. The new motion sensor is only available in the R versions 70 and 90. New Speech Enhancer is designed to enhance one-on-one conversations when people may be speaking softly by providing more gain on the soft input speech signals.

The new Dynamic Noise Cancellation system employs a directional beamformer when users are trying to understand speech in a loud environment. The new system works in combination with Phonak's adaptive beamformer as well as the motion sensor. Phonak has introduced a new Tap feature to Paradise Hearing Aids. By simply tapping the hearing aids you are able to answer calls, pause or resume streaming or activate your virtual assistant e. Naida Paradise uses the prescription Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0 designed for severe and profound hearing loss.

The new gain processing algorithm with the advantages of adaptive compression allows for more fitting flexibility for precise customization and delivers a natural sound. The Phonak Paradise Remote app allows users to make multiple adjustments to the hearing aids.

Phona k has released a new app called Speech to Text. This app will transcribe so the user can read what is being said in real-time. All the Hearing Aids can be programmed as per your audiology report if requested for no extra cost. We highly recommend programming Hearing Aids for the best individual results.

These hearing aids take battery size 675. For orders outside the USA/UK If custom Duty is Charged, that will be paid by the consignee only. We have a strict QC before sending out the items. Your satisfaction is our goal. All items are guaranteed for 60 days from the days of receiving the items.

If you are not satisfied with the item, simply return it to us but before returning, confirm the return address from us. As a professional team who are specialized in hearing instruments.

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Pair of 2 Phona k Naida Paradise P30 UP Severe to Profound Loss BTE Hearing Aids